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Welcome to Trust Pitbull Home, where our dogs are family. We specialize in breeding XL and XXL American bullies. We are known for the world-famous two-faced Merle American bully, the American Pitbull. Our dogs are the best family dogs and have an amazing temperament with infants, children, and adults. Our productions are known to have quality, size, structure, and beautiful colors. Let our pup join your family today!

At Trust Pitbull USA, we offer the best of both XL and XXL American Pitbull  of different colors, from brown, black, white, blue, fawn, ticking, brindle, lilac-tri, chocolate, champagne, and blue-nosed pitbull puppies. As the name suggests, the XL American Bully is a bit smaller than the XXL. Also, you can acquire gold and diamond chains and leashes customized specially for bullies by visiting Pitbull Kennels. If you are seeking to buy an American Bully, you can always count on Pitbull Kennels. To choose your dream dog, visit our available puppies page.

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Were  Structure And  Temperament Collide

While structure, health, temperament, and function are always the first and foremost important considerations when breeding, we also have dogs that are amazingly beautiful. I consider our dogs the total package. And our pit bulls always produce puppies that meet or exceed all expectations of what an XL American bully Should Be. We Do Not Breed For Color, However, Color Is A Plus For Us.
We Carry Show Quality Pitbull Puppies
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Are you looking for a professional Pitbull breeder? At Trust Pitbull USA, we have, in the last 10 years, built a solid reputation for breeding the finest American Pitbull and bully puppies.
Our puppies are currently used as therapy dogs, service dogs, family guard dogs, and, of course, a loving family pet. They are non-aggressive, loyal, and very protective of their new family. Also, our XL bully puppies are very smart and are great company for children or elders in your home. That is the main focus of our Pitbull breeding program, and that is what makes us the best Pitbull breeders in the USA.


Pitbull colors and coats patterns: Discover the Most Popular, the Rarest Most Unique Pitbull Colorations

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Here’s a list of standard pitbull breed colors according to different kennel 

Kennel Club Breed Colors
American Kennel Club (AKC) American Staffordshire Terrier Blue, Blue Fawn, Blue Brindle, Brown, Brown Brindle, Fawn, Fawn Brindle, Liver, Red, Red Brindle, White.
United Kennel Club (UKC) American Pit Bull Terrier Black, Blue, Blue Brindle, Blue Fawn, Brown, Brown Brindle, Buckskin, Fawn, Fawn Brindle, Liver, Red, Red Brindle, Seal Brown, White.




XXL American Bully/Pitbull puppies for sale from Pitbull and Bully Kennels are very famous in the world. We are top-class breeders dedicated to producing the best American bully puppies on Earth. We are happy to offer healthy and strong Pitbull American bully puppies from the best XXL Pitbull and American bully bloodlines. You can buy Lilac tri Pitbull’s, blue Pitbull, champagne Pitbull, black Pitbull’s (Panther Pitbull), chocolate Pitbull’s, merle Pitbull, and blue nose Pitbull’s. American bully Pitbull puppies from Pitbull and bully Kennel Kennels have the best XXL Pitbull blood in them with the best family temperament. All puppies from our kennels are muscular, strong, athletic, loyal, and extremely friendly with kids.

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