About Trust Pitbulls USA

We are passionate lovers of Pitbull and bully puppies with 8 years experience and we specialize in producing Pitbull puppies with amazing quality, health, structure, charisma and temperament. Our champion line are available in the following XL/XXL pitbull. Over the past decade we have developed those lines to create some of the most breathtaking Pitbull and bully puppies! Our goal is to produce quality Pitbul and Bully puppies that will be placed in loving family.

Pitbulls are impressively loyal, bold and courageous animals. They are natually clownish, alert and intelligent…in other words, a whole lot of fun to have around! Many participate and excel in various dog sports and activities, including obedience trials, search and rescue work, agility trials, flyball and frisbee competitions, and weight pulling events. With their tenacious work drive and strong desire to please their owners, they are natural competitors and win impressive titles wherever they’re worked.

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